High Jump

The main aim of high jump is to clear the cross bar without making if fall off its two supporting uprights. After each successful attempt, the crossbar is raised.

Athletes are allowed three attempts to clear the next height/round. Failure to successfully clear the bar within three consecutive jumps leads to elimination from the competition.

There are two main methods used at Little Athletics to clear the bar – Fosbury Flop and scissors.

All athletes should begin learning the high jump by using the scissors method. As the athlete becomes older and more competent the ‘flop’ technique can be introduced.

Only proper high jumps mats should be used with mat covers to ensure that the landing area is safe and secure.

Finally, all athletes should be taught to clear the bar in a way that ensures they land in the centre of the landing area.

Long Jump

The aim of long jump is to simply run up and jump as far as possible into the landing pit.

Some younger age groups use a metre square or ½ m x 1m rectangle as a take-off board, while Under 13 – Under 15 athletes use a 20cm wide board. The athlete may not take off for a jump beyond this designated area.

Triple Jump

The triple jump involves a hop, step and jump action, as far as possible into the landing pit.

Most of the rules are similar to those used for long jump.

Triple jump is only contested by the older age groups.