What is On Track?
Pakenham Little Athletics conducts the On Track Athletics Skills Program for children in Under 6, 7 and 8, combining it with the track and field events appropriate for children of these age groups.

The On Track program is based around providing lots of practice opportunities, quality instruction and motivation to the children who participate in the program.

It focuses on the progressive development of skills. Skills are broken down into components and are taught individually, so over a period, the components begin to come together to help the child master the new skill.

The On Track program is designed to increase the opportunity for the children to enjoy the sport of athletics by getting them to be active, teaching them new skills, participating in appropriate competition, experiencing success and having fun with new and old friends. These things attract children to sport and hence underpin the On Track program.

At Pakenham, we are lucky to have parents who have volunteered to be our On Track leaders each week. They will prepare and oversee the weekly program. You can assist them by being a parent helper for one of the age groups. The program will run at an optimum if each age group is split into smaller groups with one parent helper.

Parents are encouraged to attend an On Track or Introduction to Coaching course to gain some further knowledge. These courses are specifically designed for parents and do not require parents to have an athletics background.