Shot Put

Shot Put is a simple pushing event involving the use of a round steel ball.

The aim of the event is to obtain the greatest possible distance while performing within the accepted rules of the event. These include:-

  • the shot must initially be held close to or touching the neck near the shoulder and in close proximity to the chin. The hand cannot drop below this position during the pushing action.
  • the shot must fall completely within the inner edges of the landing sector.
  • the athlete must exit from the back half of the circle.

Shots used in Little Athletics range in weight from 1kg to 4kg, depending upon age groups.


Discus is one of the oldest athletic events, being part of the pentathlon during the ancient Olympics.

The discus is thrown using a slinging action from within a circle and must land wholly within the marked landing sector.

All discus throws must be made from an enclosure or cage to ensure the safety of spectators, officials and competitors.

For an effective result, on release, the discus should preferably spin over the index finger, rather than be let out of the back of the hand.

The athlete must leave via the back half of the circle.

Discus used in Little Athletics range from 350g to 1kg, depending upon age groups.


Javelin is a throwing event. The javelin itself is a spear-shaped object with a metal point. Competitors aim to throw it as far as possible so that the point strikes the ground before any other part of the javelin. The javelin is not required to stick in the ground for a throw to be valid.

It is very important to follow safety rules when competing in or practising javelin throwing.