Any running race at full speed over a short distance is referred to as a ‘sprinting event’.

Championship sprints include races over 70m, 100m and 200m distances. The 400m is also traditionally considered a sprinting event, however for young athletes this may be more appropriately classed as a middle distance event.

All sprinting events are run in lanes!

Middle Distance

Middle distance events generally consist of the 800m and 1500m events.

Middle distance by nature requires more endurance than sprinting events and therefore requires a more economical running action

Middle distance events are not run in lanes.


Hurdles are considered a sprint race that includes obstacles that must be cleared. Little Athletics hurdles are designed to easily collapse when knocked, provided that they are approached from the correct direction.

Knocking the hurdles over unintentionally does NOT result in disqualification. However, hurdles must not be purposefully pushed over by hands or feet.

Hurdles must be set at the specified height and distance pertaining to each age group.


The Relay is a team event in which the aim is to carry the baton over the determined distance as quickly as possible. Relay teams usually consist of four runners.

There are several types of relays that are suitable for use at Little Athletics, including shuttle relays (up and back) and circular relays (around the track).

Types of Relays are limited only by the imagination.