Attention Members
Please read very important information that LAVic have sent to Centres.
Please note that this information is a directive of the Victorian Government and is not a decision the centre has made.
Unfortunately we have to enforce the directive.
Below is the exact wording from LAVic
The Victorian Government has announced mandatory vaccination requirements for all authorised providers and authorised workers (including volunteers) who are not working from home. This applies to the ‘Physical Recreation’ sector, which includes community sport, and Little Athletics.
LAVic is required to implement these measures at all levels of the sport (Centre, Region and Association).
These rules require that all employees and volunteers of Little Athletics (inclusive of parents/guardians, coaches, officials, Committee Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members etc) to be vaccinated in accordance with the directions listed below (or have a valid medical exemption) in order to attend a Little Athletics venue, deliver a service/activity in person or participate in an activity in person.
Regions, Centres and clubs situated in Victoria are required to request, sight, record and store the vaccination status of all attendees (listed above) in all activities, as per the Volunteer Vaccination Spreadsheet.
Regions, Centres and clubs need to give these requirements full and proper consideration to determine if they can commence conducting training and other activities whilst complying with these directions.
Requirements for Regions, Centres & clubs: vaccination directions
As per State Government directions:
From 22nd October 2021, volunteers must be able to provide evidence that they have:
Received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, or
Have a medical exemption, evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner.
From 26th November 2021, the individuals listed above will be required to provide evidence they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (unless they have a medical exemption).
Parents/guardians requesting to cancel their membership on account of their inability or unwillingness to comply with the State Government vaccination directions will receive a full refund upon request.
Refund requests should be submitted in writing to the LAVic office at
Please don’t make this task anymore unpleasant than it already is and just remember we are all volunteers.

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