Training Expectations

At each coaching session, either on a Tuesday or other training day, PLAC will provide qualified coaches for the various events associated with Little Athletics. PLAC training sessions are not yet confirmed but it is anticipated that training will be outlined such as:

Notes and Rules

  • Unless specified otherwise, coaching is only available to registered athletes U6 to and above at all other sessions.
  • All training will be advertised on the PLAC socials.
  • Athletes once at the track, must be signed in before their session by a parent or guardian.
  • Athletes should arrive in trainers, not spikes. Only put on spikes if and when the coach advises you to do so.
  • If our coaches find that an athlete is not able to continue to train productively, or is disrupting the squad, they may require the athlete to withdraw from that session. This is at the coach’s discretion.
  • Cancellations – If there is a coaching cancellation due to weather or other reasons it will be posted on PLAC socials as soon as practicable.
  • Training times can change unexpectedly for a few reasons, such as weather, inclement weather, lack of coaches etc. If for whatever reason, training is to be cancelled, all updates will be posted on social media.
  • Please make sure that your child is in appropriate clothing to train. Layers are a good idea so they can put on or take off as required. A hat and a water bottle are essential for any training session.

Parents at training

  • Parents must always remain at Pakenham LAC during training and remain a safe distance from the training athletes. This condition will be reviewed to ensure our attendance numbers are consistent with COVID-19 Health regulations.
  • We encourage parents to come down and keep fit by running or walking around the perimeter of the track.
  • From time to time, the coaching team would like to have some parent assistance at training whereby they can do simple tasks such as retrieve a throwing discipline or rake the pit. It would be appreciated if you would like to assist at training, please come and speak with any of the coaching team. A parent helper will be required to wear a orange vest.
  • The coaching team ask that if any parents or guardians have any questions, queries or concerns that they approach the coaches at the end of the session in order not to disturb or distract the coach and/or athletes.

Safety at training

  • All parents and small children need to be cautious where they stand, sit or walk throughout training. Parents and children are requested to always look in both directions when they are crossing the track or the infield grass area. As the athletic track is a shared facility, on most nights there will be discus, javelin and shot put being thrown, the infield is a dangerous place to be.
  • LA Vic and Pakenham LAC have Codes of Conduct where all members are expected to comply. PLAC are to ensure that all athletes; coaches, spectators and parents are aware and fully understand the expected behaviour by everyone involved in the Centre. PLAC’s Code of Conduct can be found on the website. PLAC will take appropriate action where any codes are breached. Please speak with the coaching team or a committee member if there is a problem during training.

Working with Children Checks

  • The coaching team at PLAC all have a working with children checks.