The Victorian Government through the Dept of Justice has introduced the “Working with Children Act 2005”.  The WWC check applies to adults who work with children or are engaged in volunteer roles involving children less than 18 years of age.  The WWC check helps protect children from physical or sexual harm by checking a person’s criminal history for serious offences.

The WWC check covers all areas of administration, officiating, coaching, overnight supervision at camps and clinics.

The Association has decided the following persons’ need to obtain a Working with Children check:

·         Region/Centre/Club Executive committees,

·         Coaches,

·         Officials (at State & Region events),

·         Team managers,

·         Volunteers without children registered at the Centre,

·         Selectors for state teams/squads,

·         First aid personnel,

·         Athletic Development Officers working in schools,

·         Volunteers at Association run activities

Parents who have children registered at the Centre where they volunteer are exempt from the WWC check.

The WWC check is obtained by submitting an application form that is obtained from most Australia Post outlets.  A passport size photo is required when submitting the application along with several forms of identification. Volunteers receive their WWC check FREE.

It is an easy process, please see anyone on the Committee who will be more than happy to explain or provide more info.

We thank you for your ongoing assistance to provide safe environments for our children to grow.

Further information on the Working with Children Check can be found at the Department of Justice website.