Extreme Weather Policy

In the event of extreme inclement weather, the Centre may choose to run a modified program to suit the weather conditions and or the track and field conditions for the purposes of providing the athletes with some events for the morning.

An athletics session will be held regardless of the weather conditions.

 Smoke Free Environment Policy

Little Athletics Victoria has a NO SMOKING POLICY at all Centres and venues. The Pakenham Centre has a smoke free boundary of 50 metres from the track and clubrooms with no person smoking in view of the children, in close proximity to others or in an enclosed space.

 Sun Protection Policy

The Pakenham Centre is aware that children are especially susceptible to the sun’s rays and that skin cancer can be prevented. SPF30+ sunscreen will be promoted and made available by the Centre.

Wherever possible, competition shall be scheduled outside the hours of 11am and 3pm and portable shade will be made available at all field events and track marshalling areas.

Officials shall promote the wearing of sun protective clothing and act as role models to the athletes.

Athletes will be encouraged to take drinks to events and wear appropriate clothing at all times.

 Healthy Food Choice Policy

The Pakenham Committee acknowledges that healthy eating has an impact on the lives of all of our members, and will endeavour through the canteen to promote healthy choices at all times.

Responsible Alcohol Management Policy

Alcohol will not be available for either sale or consumption to adults or minors from the clubrooms of the Pakenham Centre.

Responsible alcohol consumption extends to functions conducted by the Pakenham Centre and Little Athletics Victoria.

This policy has been adopted to reduce misuse and avoid risks and problems for our members.

Access to the Athletics Field during Competition Sessions

If you are not in an orange vest (committee) or a yellow vest (parent helpers), please be advised that you will not be permitted on to the track.
You will have to stay behind the fence.

This is for occupational health and safety reasons and also insurance. If you are on the field and not volunteering than you are not covered by insurance.

We understand that you would like to watch your child – as we all do.

So, sign in, throw on a yellow vest and come out and help. You will get to meet a great group of kids, have some fun and get fit!

LAVic are strongly enforcing this rule and if they find Centres not enforcing this rule also, they have stated that they will close the competition/Centre until the issue has been rectified.

We certainly do not want this to happen as it would be unfair to the children.

Therefore, we ask all parents, friends and relatives to please be aware of this rule and to make sure they follow it. Thank you.